Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing

Have you purchased Tile or Stone flooring with the impression that it would be maintenance free, only to be disappointed by accumulated soils and stained grout? Well, you are not alone! The good news is that professional cleaning can produce dramatic results and the improvement you are looking for.

Our 6-step cleaning rejuvenates any tile or stone flooring:

6-Step Cleaning Process
  1. Inspection
    Our technicians will inspect your floors to identify any issues that may effect the cleaning process. If loose or chipped tiles are a problem, we can refer a a professional to fix these issues.Our team of experts will ensure the cleaning of the floor throughout the inspection process.
  2. Prepare and Protect
    Prior to the process we install wall buddies to ensure your walls and furniture are protected from our equipment. We can remove furniture and our experts set a perimeter of safety around the work zone to ensure your family or business is secure.
  3. Removal of Loose Debri
    Accumulated Dry Soils have the potential of scratching of tiles and softer stones during the cleaning process. We recommend daily floor care sure as sweeping and vacuuming to prevent scratching.
  4. Pre-conditioning
    Next we use a pre-conditioner to break down greasy stools and pollutant that have built up over hard surfaces and grout. Our professional pre-conditioner is designed to safely remove soils from even the most sensitive of surfaces.
  5. Mechanical Agitation
    Prior to extraction, we use specifically designed brushes to loosen impacted soils from the nooks and crannies of the grout.
  6. Hot Water Extraction
    Our hot water extraction process rinses away soils and pre-conditioner with neutral detergent and returns tile to it’s natural state. Stubborn soil impacted in the grout is blasted away.

As extraction is completed in each area, we use Air movers to greatly reduce drying time.
Your room will be ready for use within 2-3 hours.

Contact our professional team today for your tile or stone flooring cleaning.