Rug Cleaning Plant

Maintain The Value & Beauty Of Your Fine Area Rugs

Oriental, Persian and other fine area rugs, whether constructed of wool, cotton and or silk, should be professionally cleaned every 1 – 3 years, depending on how much traffic they receive. With daily traffic, impacted soils act like sandpaper grinding into these delicate fibers and there is premature wear on the rug. Through professional rug washing Proodian Rug Cleaners can restore the richness of color and softness of fibers. Our experts offer a variety of exclusive products and levels of service to help preserve your investment.

  1. Inspection – Prior to cleaning, our certified and trained technicians carefully inspect your rugs for staining, evidence of insect damage, and more to ensure the most effective cleaning process.
  2. Dusting – Hundreds of soft leather belts gently slap the back of the rug loosening impacted soil. 79% of the dirt in the rug is dry particles soil and can be removed with this process without harsh cleaning.
  3. Vacuum – The excess soil leftover is removed by vacuuming the dust for washing.
  4. Setting of dyes – Ensuring the color of your rug is refreshed and replenished properly.
  5. Hand Cleaning – Fringed rugs are cleaned by hand as to not damage fringes and maintain the quality.
  6. Washing – Using a century-old process with a twist of modern day technology, our experts use cold water and specific cleaning agents to wash away impurities and clean any fabric safely and effectively.
  7. Rinsing – After washing we thoroughly rinse with cold water to remove any dirt or cleaning solutions.
  8. Groom – Carpet or rug pile is groomed to ensure it looks and feels it’s best after drying.
  9. Drying – Our team has a specifically designed room set to quickly and effectively dry carpets and rugs by using controlling heat and humidity. Proper drying prevents color migration and shrinkage odors.
  10. Final Detailing – Careful consideration is given to the fibers, dyes and fringes. We then rinse and comb out the fringes. This is an important step since most fringes normally have no color and any blemish will detract from the beauty of your rug.
  11. Delivery or Pickup – Your carpet or rug is finally and carefully rolled up for delivery or pickup at our cleaning plant.

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